A Statistical Look: Schultz

The Washington Capitals have an unsung Weagle scout. Okay well some people are privy to this and admit it but the majority of fandom especially the bandwagoners, boo hiss I know, are not. Well I present to you: Jeff Schultz.

No this is not another “I like Jeff Schultz; stop hating” post on another blog… okay yes it is. But here’s just the straight plan stats.

At the moment Jeff Schultz is tied for second as league leader in +/- in fact the only person who has a higher plus minus? Alex Ovechkin. And, only by one point (AO: 24 JS: 23) And I believe the only defense man in the league in the top three is Brent Seabrook (and, we all can agree he’s pretty awesome company to be keeping)

That makes him obviously second on the Caps in +/- too.

He has one goal. (a super awesome goal)

He has 11 assists which ties him for tenth in assists on the team with Eric Fehr and Mike Knuble.

He averages around 20 minutes ice time a game.

28 SOG. Ain’t to shabby for a non-offensive defenseman.

And why I can’t prove it statistically I would say his insane +/- is probably why Tom Poti has a good +/- also since they are often paired together because Tom is well… Tom and how he keeps that +/- up is flabbergasting to me.

So why I’m not saying I want a giant banner of Jeff Schultz hanging off the side of Ballston Commons. NO one wants that (Sorry, Schultz but it’s the truth) I’d like to see a little respect for Schultz. So keep this in mind next time your tempted to put down Jeff Schultz. Or keep it in mind when telling a Schultzie hater to stuff it.

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