10 Things: Road Trip!

This weeks SnapShots asked the guys about what hockey players like to bring on road trips. (http://capitals.nhl.tv/team/console.jsp?catid=810&id=57148) But, here are some other things you might want to bring along on road trips.

1. You HAVE to bring Gary the Bear along. He might get lonely all by his self.

2. You bring DA FUNK.

3. Bring bubble gum for the air plane ear.

4. Snacks for the ride… like cheese?


5. Your hitchhiking thumb in case you miss the team bus. (It happens ask Patrick Sharp)

6. And, you might want to bring the sweet chick magnet car.

Capsinguyliner.png image by 19backisfan

7. Hair Gel… lots and lots of hair gel.

8. Sunglasses… Sunglasses…. Sunglasses…Moustache! Okay, maybe not the moustache.

9. The Sass… always have the sass.


10. And, you ALWAYS bring your jazz hands!


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