Go Forth Readers and Do Evil With This Post

(Mucho gracias to @caps_girl)
Awwwww look puppies… Aren’t they cute? And, fancy white jacket Bouchard!

Wait… What’s that… There’s a Caps game tonight?… What we’re playing like the Wild? Panthers? Leafs?… What?! The Penguins? How come I haven’t heard about that? Oh wait it’s ALL I’VE HEARD ABOUT!

Ps. Pick up your awesome Hershey Bears and puppies calender here: http://www.udservices.org/service-dogscalendar.asp It’s 15 dollars and for charity so you know BUY IT.

I’m sure you’ve seen a million hyped up blog posts so I thought I’d just give you all this junk (aren’t I generous?) Here’s plenty of things to laugh out loud about at the Pen’s expense.

Grab Bag:

Some Pens fans thought it’d be a good idea to make sparkly GIFs of their players: http://bit.ly/2IMyuS


A motivational poster for your workplace, sir or madam?

(As distrubing as this is what’s disturbed me more for a while? What creeper snuck in and took a picture anyways?)

They’re such helpful young men…





I do find this amusing even if Pen’s fans who came up with the sign.


‘Cause you’ve all wanted to see Jordan Staal wearing a cheerleading top; ADMIT IT!

What a bunch of puss- I mean pleasant young men.



BOOM! Pwnd…


Brotherly Confusion

And with that I bid you adieu…


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One response to “Go Forth Readers and Do Evil With This Post

  1. That one with “Ovechkin loves Semin” is just great.
    And yeah, I’m also finding it creepy to take photos of Sid… uhm, sleeping Sid, of course.

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