Weird and Wacky Search Terms

It’s the most triumphant return of Wacky and Weird Search Terms. It’s been a while since we’ve dove into the search terms part of our stat page and not for want of weird search terms!

Akward Mullet

Just google “Hockeyfrilla” and all the awkard mullets your could ever want are yours!

Fire breathing penguins

All I know is if the Pens mascot, what ever his name might be, breathed fire he’d be about a millions times cooler

Semin Jokes

You need to google “Semin” jokes? I mean come on they write themselves “Semin in the box” “Semin is all over the place” “Semin was in his face”… you get the picture.

Why does semin varlamov play hockey anymore [sic]

I have no idea why SEMIN Varlamov plays hockey anymore, kiddos…

Pictures of evgei malkin kissing a boy

It’s better I just don’t comment…

Brooks laich good nickname

Um, the Hockey Chronicle’s original nicknames sensation Cougar Bait of course!

Pictures of ovechkin on hershey bears

No BUT I have a bunch of now Caps at Hershey Bear legendary ugly sweater party!

(thanks to @itallfallsdwn for emailing this picture!)

See who you can pick out.

Staal brothers nhl

Yeah all of them except that bum younger one… It’s not the littlest one’s fault though the NHL can only take so many freaky chins at once.

Crosby sucks malkin swallows shirt

Best. Shirt. EVER.


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3 responses to “Weird and Wacky Search Terms

  1. The last one is just… ewh.
    Poor Sasha… 😀 😀

  2. And yeah… I’m glad you laich my blog!

  3. I think I can explain the one about Varly. It probably should have said doesn’t instead of does, and it’s because his first name was legally spelled Semen when he was drafted. (btw, after the Sasha bongos incident I searched “alex semin” on youtube and one of the ad suggestions was for sperm donation. Just pointing that out)

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