Germans Love the Caps Too

I don’t know if I can say that I speak German well but I certianly can read German. Every once in a while I like to peruse German language ice hockey websites to see what’s going on in the DEL and Bundesliga but also to get some different perspectives on the NHL. Well I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon and to find that the Caps were getting some very due praise! So here is my slaved over translations. The original is here.

Capitals Remain the Force in the NHL

Already a ninth consecutive victory won by the Washington Capitals on Friday night (local time) in the North American professional league the NHL. Before 18,277 specators in the Verizon Center the Caps won against Florida. At any rate German born Panthers player Dennis Seidenberg had a consolation 20th goal for the season.

It goes on to list the results from the rest of Fridays games around the league. Not exactly exciting stuff but I just love how much love the Caps are getting because they have earned it.


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