So Much Fail So Little Time

Before we get to the fail let’s look at a win: I found this beauty thanks to Twitter this afternoon. Not sure who made it but who ever it was I love it.

Pretty much everything is perfect in Caps land. It’s snowing in the DMV area, our team has broken a franchise record of wins and now go on to challenge the NHL record of straight wins (set by the Pens; if you were needing motivation), the Caps are chugging along and it’s 2006?!

 The game is in 2006  and SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY if you couldn’t figure it out by the fifteen Sundays. And, it’s 12 M eastern time! When is M?

Am I down the rabbit hole? Left is right and right is left and it’s 12 M o clock and 2006.  My head hurts.

So it’s agreed; We all meet on Sunday at 12 M o clock EASTERN time mind you, not 12 M central time, in 2006 to watch the these Captials:

Take on these Pens:

Yeah I want to go cry in a corner too. Wishful thinking NBC but no the Nothing but Crosby network your babies are facing these Caps:

Yeah, that’s a very faily telestration I know.


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