I Can Tell You Where to Put That Laser Pointer…

It would seem that at last nights Caps game a Rangers fan, or so we would assume I do not know why a Caps fan would do this, brought a laser pointer to MSG and shone said laser pointer in Jose’s eyes before the start of one of the periods. Youtube video of the event can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3aWucrOtIM (little warning: audio is abnormally ear-splitting loud so I would recommend turning the volume on your computer down before clicking)

Now this happened recently at a Canucks game in which a Canucks fan did the same thing to the opposing goalie that night.  This is never okay; In fact I don’t care what team it is, what goalie, what player, what fan, I don’t care if they’re a fan of my team doing it to the opposing goalie it is in no way alright. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE.

You obviously don’t flash laser pointers in anyones eyes because it will mess them up which is obviously the point of flashing it in a goalies eyes but it could mess them up maybe pretty badly, that’s why it say “DO NOT POINT IN EYES” on the package. Just to give you an idea how badly I got this information from www.laserpointersafety.com

  • The power density from a 1 milliwatt laser, focused to a point, is brighter than the equivalent area of the sun’s surface.
  • This can cause a detectable change (injury) to the retina, if the laser stays in one spot for a few seconds
  • In extreme cases, central vision could be almost fully lost, and the person becomes blind in that eye.

It’s literally all fun and game until someone loses eyesight. That last fact, the complete lose of eyesight is of course in extreme cases and in the US and most countries only a 5 milliwatt is the highest you can get but this can still cause blind spots in the eye because obviously if only a 1 milliwatt laser is as brighter than the equivalent of the SUN than a 5 miliwatt is even worse.

A lifetime ban from the arena is light punishment in my books but it’s about as far as the arena can go, maybe depending on where it happened they could file some sort of charges with the police; in some areas it is a misdemeanor to point a laser into someones eyes. You can find out more about your area on www.laserpointersafety.com

In a perfect world they would take the perpetrator down on the ice after the game and let the team whose goalie they shoot a laser pointer at do with them what they wished and we could all see what kind of big man or woman they were then. Of course, and perhaps unfortunately, this is considered assault.

Now I know it’s really easy to sneak something like a laser pointer, most look like a regular old pen, into an arena so there isn’t much the arena can do short of patting down people, which I’m sure some arenas do already. Just keep a look out when they check bags and the security people keep an eye out during games. And for fellow fans to report it if they see it. Even if it’s a person who roots for your team just report it. In fact this, very useful, website www.laserpointersafety.com tells you how to file an incident report.

So if fans have any respect for this beautiful sport and their team everybody will keep the antics in their heads and leave the distracting devices at home. And, if they have any respect for the way their face is arranged they won’t try that crap sitting by me.



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14 responses to “I Can Tell You Where to Put That Laser Pointer…

  1. Awesome post, THC. Great research. We here at RMNB are just as mad as you. (PS – You totally need to add us to your sidebar!)

  2. I know Bob McKenzie had mentioned they’re looking into it, but really, at this point, how are they going to do anything about it? I had asked him, but of course, Mr. Famous in Canada doesn’t response to laymen. For some reason, I don’t think the league has any recourse at this point, and they can’t really do much unless it’s caught when it’s happening. Let me tell you though, MSG security isn’t going to give a damn even if they do catch it.

    • thehockeychronicles

      That’s exactly the problem; what are you going to do once they leave the arena? You have to catch the person doing it which is why if someone notices it they need to report it to security then and there. The league really can’t do anything either besides saying “Hey don’t do that!” so it’s down to the arenas to enforce and the fans to be decent enough not to do it. -M

  3. Madflava

    The NHL should do a real investigation and if it is found that a Rangers fan was indeed the one responsible for using the laser, then the Rangers should be docked points from the standings. The NHL needs to send a clear message to the asshats that think this type of behavior is appropriate, then your team is going to get punished and your name is going to get published.

  4. NovaCath

    Good article. Hope the NHL does a real investigation. This is not funny and the league needs to take serious action now so it will stop. I agree with Madflava but also think if it can be determined who did it, then don’t just publish their name. If any charges are possible based upon local law, then refer them to local law enforcement.

    • thehockeychronicles

      Something needs to be done because it is completely unacceptable behavior. I understand that the NHL is looking into the incident but I doubt much will come of it. Someone suggested having a “crowd interference” penalty so that the goalie can call fowl if being laser pointed and refs can review tape and try to find the culprit. I’m not sure if that’s practical though. Something, anything, needs to be done. -M

  5. Good article, it happened to Calgary’s goalie in Vancouver. It’s something I don’t want to hear about again.

  6. Randy_Hawkins

    Do lifetime bans ever work? Seeing the crack security staff at the Verizon Center I doubt they are checking IDs or faces of anyone. If TSA can’t keep a guy who should have been on a no-fly list off a plane, how are these minimum wage warriors going to keep a guy with a laser pointer out of an arena?

    I agree the whole laser thing was stupid, but how are you going to keep the guy out without inconveniencing thousands of other fans?

    • thehockeychronicles

      Well you can’t just ignore the problem and that is about as far as most arenas can go punishment wise unless their area has a law against pointing lasers into someones eyes. But, you have to do something, send a message because it is completely unacceptable.

  7. j762

    perhaps if Don Cherry goes on a rant about this, it will make people in at least one half of the league think twice before doing this. nothing is more convincing than being chewed out by a man in a flamboyant suit.

    but seriously, attempting to blind someone, especially in order to influence the outcome of a pro sporting event, should constitute aggravated assault. Surely they have cameras scanning the arena. Maybe that can help.

    What would happen if some jerk is successful in blinding/distracting a goalie so that he allows a goal?

    • thehockeychronicles

      Allowing a goal is the least I’m worried about. You could cause permanent damage or completely blind them. Not only would their career be completely over, but their lives would be forever changed. Shining a laser pointer in ANYONE’S eyes is an asshole move.

    • You’re asking Don Cherry to argue in favor of the Capitals AGAINST an Original 6 team? You’re crazy! Never happening lol.

  8. Lucy

    Maybe Sidney Crosby should complain about it. I bet something gets done then.

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