A Roast of the Washington Post

It is not secret I do not like the Washington Post and more specifically its sports section; I greatly prefered the Washington Times‘ now defunct sports section. Most of my beef is with Tarik El-Bashir and the “Capitals Insider” but a recent article by staff writer J. Freedom du Lac had myself and fellow Chronicles blogger Anna in arms.

Now I was extremely surprised when the woman interviewed in this article read our post and left us a comment. Newman says in this comment, you can read by clicking the link, and I quote:

 In the article though, call me paranoid, I thought that I came across as one not so accepting of newbies or the bandwagon. Not true.

No, you are not paranoid because that is EXACTLY what is sounded like. And, I am not the only one who agrees with this. To be frank when I saw the comment was left by the very person interviewed for the article in question I was horrified sure that it was a negative combative comment. Quite contrary is was a pleasant, well thought out, explanatory comment. It sounded completely different from the person who was quoted in the Post article.

Any good writer knows it is extremely easy to take a person’s words and make them reflect your meaning without changing them at all. All you have to do is form your paragraphs a certain way, take the specific part out of context or even just put in the exactly as it is. Any good writer or even any person who has been through high school AP english classes can do it. It’s a regular practice in journalism to take what you need and make if fit the agenda and point you wish to make. And, then it’s bloggers and the publics interviewed jobs to call foul which is exactly what I am doing.

The Post has once again taken liberties with an article, whether those liberties be on purpose, by unavoidable bias (and it IS absolutely unavoidable; do not pretend it’s not.) or by complete lack of fact checking (something the Post is not great at…) They made it sound like die-hard fans like myself and Newman do not like new fans.

My Dad, daughter and I have five seats between us and I frequently bring the uninitiated. I have several close friends that are now just as much Caps fans as I am, including my husband who has pretty much “bogarted” one of my seats!

Mrs. Newman, like myself, is an admitted hockey converter.

Mr. Freedom du Lac phrased similar quotes to what Newman said in her comment on our blog to sound resentful in his article by putting such phrases like “Ovie-come-latelys.” and “Plus: She was here first”  right before he quoted here setting a tone. And, what HE says right before he quotes what she says makes you read what comes right after as the same tone. Mr. Freedom du Lac do you have an issue with bandwagoners? By the way this is in now way a personal attack on Mr. Freedom du Lac who as a staff writer can write on a large number of topics (but he usually writes reviews for music and is not in general a sports writer) or his style of writing, which is very good.

All I can say is that the most recent Post articles have made myself, and quite a few other people, only mistrust and dislike the Post more. And, in the words of Newman;

My final comment is this… before the bandwagon, we never heard a player talk about how the crowd gave the team motivation at a lagging moment. I pray that fifteen years from now, the bandwagon is helping to keep the seats filled and the Fury Unleashed!

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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One response to “A Roast of the Washington Post

  1. I think this is more of the new editors at the Washington Post (in this case, I’ll call them the Wall Street Post). The paper (of all sections) have been sucking for the past few years when George Solomon left. I think Tarik, Lindsey Applebaum, Cheeseboy, and Cindy Boren are doing a great job there, but there’s too much change going on and they’re still stuck in the 80s.

    I still keep Tarik’s updates, but I just given up at most of the Wall Street Post, even former co-workers don’t like the direction.

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