An Old Post Returns

So because I could not come up with an original post idea (though I do have a potential Caps look-a-likes post coming up if I have enough that aren’t lame) So I thought I would just link some stuff in the most triumphant return of: MID-WEEK BABBLINGS! (if you weren’t a reader during the off season this is something I did quite often)

The Dark Blue Jacket would like to remind his team to keep Milan. And, I hope they do unless of course the Caps would like him back.

There’s something I never needed to see… Okay maybe a little. Oy vey go to the Blackhawks offical wordpress (they are so damn fancy) for more pictures and go to here to find out what in the hell is happening in that photo.

Wonderful World of Loser Domi says goodbye to the former Leafs player I liked to refer to as  the Delicate Princess.  Keep an eye out for those darn soccer balls in Calgary.

The Blackhawks did a Ladies Man video . Quite few Cap fans said Burish pales in comparison to the Caps ladies man. I for one have no opinion because I am not allowed to have an opinion because I am a lady hockey blogger and there fore am expected to be nothing but professional and pretend I have never noticed that Burish is about as good looking as Laich because that would be wrong of me as a lady hockey blogger but it’s totally cool for a male blogger to say it.

Keep up with the Blackhawks Kane and Versteeg graced us with a duet at a recent Blackhawks charity event. I can’t even; I confess I couldn’t even watch the whole video:

The always brilliant Down Goes Brown and Bloge Salming banded together once again to make a hilarous video. The Canadian’s Olympic Welcoming Song:

General consensus amongst fans was this is the most hilarous Caps related thing we’ve ever seen on the internet. Thank you as always NHLol

And, this photo whose source I do not know is general consensus the cutest damn thing ever.

Capitals Redline Mondays came back tonight. Why I know the “mondays” isn’t actually part of the name for some reason it is stuck in my head that way. My biggest complaint? Who in the heck in this “Lou” guy during the “Forces of Hockey” segment (some prof. at the UVA apparently) and WHERE IS PROFFESOR BRADLEY?! (yes, it’s spelled with two “F”s)


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