Caps Look-a-Likes

Since the Olympic break means I have little to talk about Caps related I bring Caps look-a-likes.

Alex from the now defunct VH1 show “Megan Wants a Millionare” and Shamo!

We pointed this one out before but I thought I’d bring it up again (aka I need filler)


Andrei Chadov and Matt Bradley

Andrei Chadov is an actor who is described on a website for one of this movies (which I recommend; good film if you like the indies) as a “Russian heartthrob”. Congrats Matt you really COULD be a male model just you know in Russia.

1980’s Locker and Hershey Bears d-man Karl Alzner!

This one was all Sarah of the Punch in the Face blog. I didn’t quite see it at first but now I demand a DNA test.


Jeff Schultz and the first zombie in Night of the Living Dead! (aka William Hinzman)


I forgot one:

Bjork and Hershey Bears goaltender Michal Neuvirth

It’s not mean because it’s true…

And this one was suggested by @ngreenberg:

 Ricky Schroder and Karl Alzner



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4 responses to “Caps Look-a-Likes

  1. Jonathan

    Do yourself a favor and google image search the rapper “Common” and compare him to ex Cap Donald Brashear.


  2. thehockeychronicles

    Thanks for the suggestions guys! I’ll have a post with them and a couple others one I forgot very soon. -M

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