Best. Hockey Related. Youtube. Video. Ever.

I didn’t intend on making a post tonight besides the part two of Caps look-a-likes but this is SO amazing it gets its own post! Wonderful World of Loser Domi found this and we are eternally grateful:

It seems to be part of a pilot for tv show about a bunch of roller hockey playing kids in New York or New Jersey. It is the single most amazing thing I have seen on the internet. It was as described by Anna as “shittastic!”. This show would have been clutch if someone had made it in the 90s!

Why this show is awesome:

1. The main kid sounds like it was voiced by “Timmy” from the amazing skit show Whitest Kids U’ Know.

2. Cartoon Marty Brodeur creeping on some kids from a bench

3. Kid getting tossed in a trash can. Always awesome.

4. 4 words: Magic. Hockey. Stick. Genie

5. Apparently when a hockey stick genie gives you your wish to be a good hockey player you get a SWEET sweet mullet.

BUT NO! What? It ended? But, did creepy Cartoon Marty agree to coach them?! Did the kid keep his sweet mullet? I HAVE SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS!


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