Caps Look-a-Likes

Now for some reader submitted look-a-likes! Much thanks to Caps Girl and Justin for their suggestions.

George Mcphee and Jeroen Krabbe

Pretty spot on if you ask me. Krabbe was in “the Fugutive” or as I know him from the best three dollar budget made for TV movie ever “The Odyssey”

Dave Steckel and Nick Carter

Nick Carter was in boy band the Backstreet Boys. Which makes me laugh because I always said Dave looked like a boy band reject. It’s not mean because it’s true.

Tom Poti and Giovanni Ribisi


B-mo and Scott Farkus (Zack Ward)

I totally see that.


John Erskine and Jim Gaffigan

I may or may not have to call John “Hot Pockets” from now on.

Now for some more I and Anna have noticed (but forgot in the last one)


GMGM and Robert Lindsay

Robert Lindsay plays “Ben” on the absolutly hilarous british show “My Family”. I think they’re dead ringers.


Jose Theodore and Benjamin Casavant

There’s a reason we saw him and instantly dubbed him “Mini Jose”.



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8 responses to “Caps Look-a-Likes

  1. Caps_Girl

    Yeah, I love this!!

  2. jmu_capsgirl

    I’ll vote in favor of John “Hot Pockets” Erskine.

  3. hishida

    I think Alex Semin is a dead ringer for John Bon Jovi, especially when he wears his leather jacket!

  4. bonds

    no one else thinks that semin looks like luke skywalker?

  5. Mogilny

    Try Michal Neuvirth and former Undeclared star Jay Baruchel:

  6. CAP-lanta

    Here’s a throwback look-a-like: Dale Hunter and Robin Williams. Also Mark Tinordi and Lurch (Addams Family).

  7. Oh man! I used to watch My Family all the time…I knew GMGM reminded me of someone, just couldn’t remember who. That one’s a dead ringer indeed hahaa.

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