This Caps Fan’s Trip Through the Ovie Looking Glass

When I settled in to watch Russia vs. Slovakia it didn’t occur to me that for the first time in my hockey fandom I would be rooting AGAINST Ovechkin. I had become a Caps fan by the time Ovie had joined the team so not even during my Blue Jackets/no particular affiliation years I didn’t have a time where I was hoping to see Ovechkin fail.

It hit me half way through the first few minutes of the game that I was against Ovie and Semin but I shrugged it off as a non-factor. But, now I completely understand why some people hate him. By the time he was hit by Zdeno Chara the biggest hockey player ever and just shrugged him off (Shrugged the 6″9′ Chara off! What a freak of nature.) I was SEETHING with jealously because Slovakia doesn’t have a player who could do that. Slovensko has a LOT of great players but none like Ovechkin. There just isn’t another like him.

By the second Iwas activaly hoping someone one on Slovakia would hit him and hard. “Destroy” was the word on my lips. I was actually tempted to get hostile against my fellow Caps fans rooting for team Russia just because of Ovie. Seriously I wanted to call them bandwagoners. I’ve never wanted to do that to a fellow Caps fan or really any hockey fan before. And, Slovakia wasn’t even playing badly at this point. They didn’t play bad at all really they did much better than I thought they would. Russia only up by 1 by the end of the second? A win in my book. And, yet even my already usually high competitve streak was going off the charts.

I won’t ever take for granted the fact my Caps are lucky enough to have Ovechkin on his team. But, don’t think I’m going to get all fan girl on Ovie now. I’ve never thought of the Caps as “Ovie’s team” like a lot of people do. But, I defintaly appreciate how spoiled I am now.

And, guys come on now seriously? Quick crash course so we can avoid me getting asked one more time if I’m for team Slovakia or why I’m rooting agianst who ever they are playing.

THIS is Slovakia’s flag:

This is the shield on their jerseys:

And, Slovensko is the word for Slovakia in Slovak and I say it that way out of habit. (Just like I sometimes say “Magyar” when talking about the language or ethinc group “Hungarian”)

So come on now when my Twitter icon is the front of a Slovakia jersey and some one goes “You’re rooting against [insert who ever is playing Slovakia at said time] What? Why? They have [insert said Caps player on said opposing team]!” especially when I’ve said “Go Slovensko!” like five times you’d think it’s fairly figure out able but I’ve been asked a ridiculous amount of times over the past two nights so here’s your geography lesson for the day.

I wrote this before the game was over and seriously my mind is blown. That was some of the best hockey I’ve seen in a while!

Slovakia won! Against RUSSIA! They flat out played them! I am so amazed by Slovensko! Halak who I’ve never payed attention to before blew me away. If I wasn’t so dirt broke I’d have my Halak Slovakia jersey ordered. If they have any still avaliable in March maybe I can (though it’s either a jersey or a desperetly needed new phone) The only thing I’m disapointed by is the tape I was recording the game on ran out half way through the third so I can’t relive the amazingness of the game over and over again. (I’d pay ten whole dollars for a DVD copy of that game!)


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One response to “This Caps Fan’s Trip Through the Ovie Looking Glass

  1. I was watching too, I can’t miss my little Russians (and I like everyone there..! except Radulov :D). They are second for me right after Czech team.

    But what the hell happened to our “brothers” Slovaks? I mean, seriously, they were bad (except occasional shines at WC) last… let me count… 17 years? And now suddenly they are strong and tough to defeat. I was totally shocked after shootout and extremely happy that our guys have already played against them.

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