Some Excellent Journalism That Is…

Lately people of the media have been piling on Ovechkin so much so and for reasons that to most people make them go “what?” that even I, who is the last Cap fan to jump to his defense, have to cry foul. Ovie went from  “…congenial and ultra-media-friendly…” to media hating. He’s a WITCH! WITCH, I SAY! BURN HIM AT THE STAKE!

Frankly if this was any player being called out all so much in a week I would still be up in arms. (And, I will be honest with you I can in no way be unbiased in writing this. I admit I have an axe to grind with most modern journalism. “Hatred” would be a very appropriate word to use.)

Mostly the recent sh** storm has been from journalists and blogger types. This Hockey News article is arguing the NHL should suspend Ovie for an incident of Ovie pushing a person with a camera after the Russia lose the other night (which I had not even heard of before this article). It even compares it to Avery’s little spat where he got suspend for saying detrimental things about the NHL. Problem is the very first sentence in the article:

None of us know the details regarding Alex Ovechkin shoving a person with a camera in the wake of Russia’s embarrassing 7-3 loss at the hands of the Canadians

“None of us know the details”? So we don’t know what the camera person was doing? For all we know the camera prson was accosting Ovechkin. Where did this even take place? When after the game? Was the person with the camera in a place they were even supposed to be? We don’t even know if the person was an actual member of the media or a fan. And it is “None of us knows the details…” if you want to be grammatically correct and all.

Why I’m not saying Ovechkin should have pushed the person with the camera, or had any right to in any situation to any one nor do I think there shouldn’t be backlash, comparing it to the Avery incident which was extremely public and we all know EXACTLY what happened is a bit of a stretch.

Then there was several people complaining he wasn’t talking to the media at the Olympics. Why I can agree some what with the frustration of the media whose employers want them to get a quote from one of the NHL’s biggest stars, who have deadlines to meet and stories that are interesting to write, I also think they’re go a bit far with their complaining. The Olympics are taxing on the athletes they play a lot of emotionally draining games night after night for two weeks. I can safely guess the last thing they want to do is field questions in the media scrum.

But, a good journalist will stop pouting about it and get good qoutes from other players to make up for the fact the big star didn’t talk to them. You’ll make it work. Crap happens. Where is the level of proffesionalism in journalism? I wonder if many of these writers have ever even been in a journalism class. (Though this would not surprise me as my journalism teacher said once “No one who actually takes journalism in college actually ever becomes a journalist.”)

And, for the bloggers there, I am thinking of the Puckdaddy blog in particular who from what I was told (I do not follow the twitter or read the blog) and looked at had a serious hissy fit on Twitter over Ovie not talking to the paper or English media very much, even if your paid to do what you do, even if you have credentials, you are still a blogger. You are no different from every other fan who has computer access and enough brain power to register for a free account on Blogger or WordPress. So oh golden credentialed gods of the blogosphere pull up your big boy pants because unlike newspaper and tv journalist who have deadlines and articles they need to write you have a lot more flexibility with your writing and can figure out something to do. Maybe you should just count your blessing with the facts that you get to interview any big stars of hockey to begin with.

And, Ovie gives interviews after almost every game in the NHL. Two intense and wearing weeks of hockey in Vancouver should not erase this fact.

Whether Ovie’s actions were acceptable or not (in some cases not) this reaction by some of the media is if nothing unprofessional.


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One response to “Some Excellent Journalism That Is…

  1. Poor Sasha… I’m not surprised at all with his reactions… He has been in the centre of attention for last five years. Did you see the video, when he was shopping in Vancouver? Guys with the cameras were crushing into shop equipment to take one stupid photo of Ovie. Nobody can live in this madness. Actually, I can’t believe he didn’t to it before. Get back to Washington Ovie…

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