You Just Got Chris Bourque’d

Bourque’d- When you get traded or picked up on waivers by another team and then your former team trades for you or picks you up on waivers only a couple months later.

Ex. “Milan Jurcina just got Bourque’d”


I know some Caps fans were less than pleased with this but to quote what I imagine Mike Green would say “Haters gonna hate!” (followed by “Players gotta play!”) Anna and I are ecstatic. Well first I was like WTF? but then I did a victory dance in my head (my mental victory might look like the “Safety Dance” video)

Sorry Dark Blue Jacket. I know you wanted Milan to stay but I promise I’ll take good care of him and beat off all the meanie Caps fans.

I have my favorite d-man and Slovak back:

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One response to “You Just Got Chris Bourque’d

  1. Lucy

    Why aren’t people giving you a hard time about being mean to Chris Bourque? Oh, well I guess I’m mean to him all the time? Okay, nevermind.

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