You Just Got Chris Bourque’d

Bourque’d– When you get traded or picked up on waivers by another team and then your former team trades for you or picks you up on waivers only a couple months later.

Ex. “Milan Jurcina just got Bourque’d”


I know some Caps fans were less than pleased with this but to quote what I imagine Mike Green would say “Haters gonna hate!” (followed by “Players gotta play!”) Anna and I are ecstatic. Well first I was like WTF? but then I did a victory dance in my head (my mental victory might look like the “Safety Dance” video)

Sorry Dark Blue Jacket. I know you wanted Milan to stay but I promise I’ll take good care of him and beat off all the meanie Caps fans.

I have my favorite d-man and Slovak back:


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One response to “You Just Got Chris Bourque’d

  1. Lucy

    Why aren’t people giving you a hard time about being mean to Chris Bourque? Oh, well I guess I’m mean to him all the time? Okay, nevermind.

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