A Mystery from the Very Beginning Is Finally Solved

Way back in September when the Chronicles was still fledging and I’m sure most of you reading this had no idea who or what the Chronicles was, I had a bit of a mystery on my hands, which I posted about on the blog;

While driving just outside of Pittsburgh, northbound, I saw a man I could have sworn was Marc Andre Fleury driving a brand new Ferrari convertible. A gorgeous car with dealership plate holders for a DC dealership. This was the weekend the Pens had gone to visit the White House and I thought maybe, just maybe, it really could be Marc Andre Fleury driving his brand new car up. How many 20 somethings drive brand new Ferrari convertibles and wear expensive designer sunglasses? Or I thought I could be really bored from being in the car all day, going to some where I didn’t really want to go and I was just trying to make something out of nothing.

It wasn’t really important I could care less about seeing a Penguin but I posted about it just to see if anyone would know about it and because I have to be right about everything ever. But, nothing came out of it and I completely forgot about it.

That is until tonight. I was out with some friends and we were talking one a Pens fan and the other is fellow Chronicles blogger Anna. Well we what ever we were talking about, I can’t remember now, it jogged my memory about the MAF car thing. I mentioned it vaguely because I couldn’t remember if I had ever even told the Pens fan about.

WELL Pens fan burst out laughing and says “OH! We found out it really was his car you saw! I saw a picture of it online. I told Anna but she told me not to tell you!” because apparently it was more fun that way.

You. Guys. Suck. I was RIGHT. As usual. I’m always right. So I really did see Marc Andre Fleury. And, several people told me I had to be mistaken. I WIN.

So mystery solved. I saw Marc Andre Fleury and I’m always right about everything. As usual. Oh, and I need new friends.



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2 responses to “A Mystery from the Very Beginning Is Finally Solved

  1. Larisa

    U are so mean Meghan. I was going to tell you but Anna told me not to. I don’t think you need new friends you know you love us, especially me and my Penguin ways lol.

    Plus you know it was so cool to see MAF =)

  2. thelunchbreakphilanthropist

    I’m a pretty dedicated Pens fan, but I can’t stay away from your blog. You two are very entertaining. I hope the computer situation gets itself straightenend out (for selfish reasons, bc I love reading your posts). Keep it up!

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