Just a Note

A scheduling note for the Chronicles. I have lost my computer for at least a week but probably more which will make posting a bit difficult until I get it back.

So there will be some posting but it will be even more crazy than usual.

However when I get my computer back not only will scheduling get back to what we call normal around here but I plan to get back in the habit of doing post game Weagle Scout of the game posts.

Sorry I am a bum. Here’s my sorry face:

You all just went “awww!” ADMIT IT!



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4 responses to “Just a Note

  1. ama-mazing

    NEUVIRTH! that guy’s face is never gonna wrinkle is it?

    i kinda jumped at this blog when i saw the picture. can’t wait to see more!

    ~i’m amazing, ama-mazing

  2. You’re totally right. I did go “awww”.

    I just want to pinch his perpetually-flushed cheeks.

  3. Everybody goes “awww”, when Neuvy is around.
    Ah, how cute those Czech boys are… I think I’m going for a walk. 😀

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