There Is This Thing Called Fresh Air

The Washington Post once again told us something we already know: Brooks Laich is not only the hardest working men in hockey he is also the most boring person ever. Blandy Mcvanillaoatmeal boring. Skate training in ALL your free time off, Brooks, really? Do we ever hear of him doing something NOT hockey related? Ever?

Does he ever go to football or basketball games with the other youngin’s? Do you have any hobbies that are in no way hockey related? Have you seen any recent movie? Have you seen a movie ever? Do you go outside? HAVE YOU SEEN THE SUN, BROOKS?!

Brooks has to be argueably one of the hardest working guys in the league. (and, I’m not just saying that because as the kids say “I want him in my pants”) because I don’t. C’mon he’s Blandy Mcvanillaoatmeal (and looks like it, too)

Caps fans appreciate your hard work, shut-in Brooks, but maybe you should get out of the rink more?

Not saying you should go back to taking pictures like this:

What is that? What’s wrong with your face?

Or clubbin’

Haha “Canadians clubing” what an oxymoron.

But, sunshine is good for you pasty Canadian. You can go out after the street lights come on every once in a while. Eating something other than creepy massive amounts of irregularity correcting yogurt and cereal is acceptable once in a blue moon.

He might be Blandy Mcvanillaoatmeal but I think we can say we have something to look forward to in twenty years; we may not have Captain Laich now but with his shut in tendancies and his sensi like hockey knowledge he’ll make one hell of a coach.

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