I commandeered some poor saps computer for a bit and decided that I should probably blog something but the question was a post about what? Frankly I’ve been very glad that I haven’t had no computer access, other than what little my 3G network could supply, due to the fact that the past few days the internet has been smashed with bad feelings over the Ovie/Campbell hit. Fans of other teams who usually get along with Caps fans have been at each other throats. Fans of the Caps have been at other Caps fans throats for having different opinions! I’m sick of all this nasty blog posts and Twitter spats so let’s have some fun. I think we all need it.

UPDATE: After I first posted this I found out it was Awkward Moments Day. WIN.

So here is a greatest hits of my favorite (and therefore often embarrassing) hockey related photos I’ve seen over the years.  Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for the eye searing-ness, can’t-unsee-ing-ness of what you are about to see. They’re all PG and yet…

Let’s start with an old favorite! Jose and his pimping cane!

Jose Theodore’s pimping service for all your men in ugly shirt needs!

You all thought Semyon Varlamov came up with that roller skating picture idea first?

MY EYES! MY EYES… nice white socks to your knees with black shorts Ovie. I see you ‘old man tourist’-ing it up back there.

I feel like Jose pimp cane person was also somehow involved in this… what in the heck?

Nice 90s hair, Eric.

You gangsta’, you rollin’ Karl. (That is Neuvy Face)


Most extremely awkward.

Mike Green made more fun faces when he was chubby.

… I. Don’t. Even. Know.

I take that back NOW I. Don’t. Know.


Sweden you crazy!

Do not even want to know what you are talking about, Mike.

Ahhhh baby hockey goalies!

I can only describe this picture with one thing: O:

What did we learn? Nothing. Except that maybe Ovie is a one man awkward train.


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One response to “Awkward…

  1. I’ve got to thank you very much for that photo of Ovie with guitar, I searched for it SO long! 😀
    As for the first “I don’t even know” photo, there are more (and more weird) pieces of that photoshoot.
    And the photo of crazy Swedes is one of my all-time favorites. If you’d ever see the larger version, you’ll find that Swedes are extremely inept in putting table into photos… eh, whatever.

    Uhm… sorry for the long, stupid comment. 😛

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