A Tale of Two Goal Songs

Today I was checking Twitter when I saw a local DC band I’m rather fond of, Redline Addiction, had posted a tweet with a link that said tantalizingly that Caps fan should check it out. I didn’t know or think they were Caps fans so I clicked with pins and needles to see what it was. The link took me to a Facebook group called “The New Caps Goal Songs Stinks (and Redline Addiction’s was way better)” A pretty self-explanatory group bemoaning the new slow, boring Caps goal song and endorsing a song submitted to the same contest but not chosen. While the first statement of the group’s name was true, in my opinion, the second statement was yet to be seen and I couldn’t listen to the song at that very moment. So I saved the page and vowed to check it out as soon as I got some where I could.

And, I did. I have to say I really enjoy Redline Addiction’s version much better. It is face paced, and integrates the “123 It’s All Your Fault!” chant into the song. It is A plus if  you ask me bringing the Caps fan base into the song.

Caps Chant by Redline Addicts

Compare to the song that won:

Rock the Red

Perhaps there was better submissions than the Redline Addicts song but it sure as hell isn’t worse than the winner. I’m no music major or critic so maybe I don’t have a right to an opinion but I sure do have ears and I can tell good from not as good. What went into choosing “Rock the Red” I do not know. While the song is less than spectacular I’m sure the band who made it but a lot of effort into making it so I can’t fault them but the people who judged it. Sorry Elliot in the Morning and Caps front office you messed up on this one. I don’t know if you can change the song. I’m sure you had some stipulation to the contest saying you have to play it and perhaps for a certain period of time but if it CAN be changed it NEEDS to be it doesn’t have to be the Redline Addicts “Caps Chant” (though I very much like it) but it need to be something that won’t have the boys falling asleep mid post-goal hug.

Perhaps if Caps fan talk to the right people of our very fan base connected organization we can get some information about whether the song can be changed and if so they’d be interested in song like the Redline Addiction’s song. And, you can follow Redline Addiction on Twitter here.



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18 responses to “A Tale of Two Goal Songs

  1. Mark

    Great post! I created that group. More should join! Get the word out! Let’s get a new song!

  2. RobMonroe

    While I’m not a huge fan of the one they picked, this one brings together all of the things that drive me nuts at Caps games! The “It’s all your fault” is pretty lame…

    • Frank

      I agree with Rob. I think the spirit and the pace of this song is better as it is more of a “get out of your seat” type song, however, the “it’s all your fault chant” is just terrible and needs not to be encouraged by anyone.

  3. Ryan

    Well, I respect your opinion(s) but I think you’re in the minority here in regards to the “1-2-3” chant. Why should it not be encouraged? It’s fun! And it’s something CAPS fans do. If it’s some kind of high-moral ground, I think that’s not fair considering we’re talking about the only sport which allows, encourages, and cheers on fighting. After all, we’re just telling the goalie it’s his fault. We’re not insulting his family or anything. Everyone lighten up! I love that part of the song and I think many CAPS fans would agree!

  4. David

    1-2-3 works a lot better then a sleepy song telling people to wear red to the game. Rock the Red was a promo for fans to wear red. I, for one, would prefer a song actually relating to the act of a goal being scored.

  5. Dawn

    i agree…i can’t stand that ‘1-2-3’ chant!!! Come on, who can deny how lame it is to chant after just one goal!? What ever happened to just a good old goalie serenade??

    • Mark

      We do that too. I really just can’t understand the logic here. It’s something that HUNDREDS of fans do, multiple times a night, from all ends of the Verizon Center. Perhaps all us fans that participate in the chant will just have to agree to disagree with you.

      Either way we’re all celebrating!

  6. Bobo 55

    I cringe when I hear the 1-2-3 chant. As I watch the chanters, I can’t help but think they are reliving their childhood, a childhood filled with mothers and fathers telling them it was all their fault.

  7. edawg

    I agree that the new song is awful, but this one isn’t that great either. What was wrong with Chelsea’s Dager. As for the 1-2-3 chant, it’s horible. If you want to chant it go to a University of Michigan game where it was invented.

  8. shmoo

    No interest in perpetuating that stupid college chant at Caps games. Not as much as I hate people saluting the Baltimore Orioles during the national anthem, but it’s obnxious and half the arena has no idea what the kids in the corner are yelling about any way.

    It’s obvious they should have gotten local boy Dave Grohl to modify a Foo song (“Pretender”, e.g.), but they went the amateur route and got amateur results.

  9. thehockeychronicles

    Thanks for all the responses! I personally like the “123” chant but of course ONLY after 3 or more goals. And, fans are just trying to have fun so as long as it’s not offensive I don’t see a problem with most cheers and chants. But, to each his own; Like I’m not fond of the “RED!” in the anthem while most people love it.

    And, what the real problem is what can we do about the goal song? I agree that the Redline Addiction song is not fantastic (though I liked it especially more than ‘Rock the Red’) but we do need some sort of change. I don’t understand the problem with good ol’ “Kick Start My Heart” by Motley Crue and “Chelsea Dagger” (though I know Blackhawks fans throw fits over it being used else where than the UC) -Meghan

  10. Forrest

    My problem with the 1-2-3 is that instead of cheering our players for doing something good you’re criticizing the other team for perceived failure. Plain and simple, the focus is all wrong.

    Plus, half the goals the Caps score are just so good it isn’t actually the goalie’s fault. There’s nothing he could have done.

  11. Lindsay

    Clearly only people with negative attitudes have the time or motivation to write on blogs. For those of you that criticize the 1-2-3 chant, get off your high horse. None of your reasons make any sense. Take your soapbox to the Olympics, where everyone seemed to cheer that classic Brazilian Soccer Chant, when clearly they were not in Brazil, nor at a soccer match. If you’re offended, take it up with the people that scream “O” or “Red” during our country’s National Anthem, through which you are not to speak a word and should have your hand over your chest and hats off. And lastly, those same parents telling the kids “it’s all your fault” also said “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all” so get off the computer, stop bashing others and do something productive – like trying to put the pieces of your life together after the obviously terrible childhood you had!

    Good job on the song Redline, I like it – far better than what we have. Was it the best?? Who knows!? We didn’t hear them – but if it’s a contest between this and the winner – the judges got it wrong.

    And if you read this blog – ignore the people above, the 1-2-3 chant is PART of our games. You were clever to put it in.

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  13. I respectfully throw the submission my buddy and I made into the ring, “Stand Up, Let’s Go.” We had a lot of fun putting it together and I think its got the kind of energy you want to feel when the Caps score. Gotta commend the Redline Addiction song for rocking too.


    Spread the word for 2010-11.


  14. Good post. I will be going through a few of these issues as well..

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