Weird and Wacky Search Terms

Weird and Wacky search terms soldiers on; you can break my computer but you can’t break WWST spirit!

Nicklas Backstrom blof pics

I’m not sure I feel comfortable googling exactly what “Blof” is. It sounds like a deviant sex act.


It’s called a space bar; use it.

Alexander Semin never smiles


(thanks to the fabulous @subtlelikebrick)

Adam Burish cute

As a female blogger I’m not really supposed to comment on that…. but umm… what was I talking about?

Things i wish i could unsee


Backstrom to Leafs


Alex Ovechkin tramp stamp


Blog Brooks Laich

“Absolutely not”

Gay Ovechkin and Semin pictures

You guys are mean.

Youtube Video Hockey

If you loved Thriller Goalie you’ll love Soulja Boy Forward! Funny hockey videos is a post for another time!



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2 responses to “Weird and Wacky Search Terms

  1. According to Google Translate, blof doesn’t mean anything.

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