POLL: Save Your Favorite Post!

With the impending return of my computer I have a very important question to pose to you lovely Lads and Ladies;

With only a few games left in the regular season and the playoffs for both the Hershey Bears and Capitals coming up I want to ask which of my two used to be regular posts did you prefer; Non-NHL Wrap Ups, where I summerized both our farm teams and the UW badgers week and weekend of games in one post each Saturday or Sunday or Caps Post Game Weagle Scout, in which I would summerize the Caps game and choose the best player of game designated at a Weagle Scout.

I ask because I fell out of habit of doing them due to my schedule becoming hectic and with only a few games left in the regular season I want to do the posts YOU all want to see so I’m putting my time forth to things you all will find interesting through the post season.

There is a couple options to what I could do for the post not picked, like making it a regular Twitter update or a side bar feature, or if you all really loved both those posts THAT much I can do both. I’m really just interested on making the blog as readable as possible for you guys.

So vote for the post you enjoyed most or if you’re new to the blog since I got lazy and stopped doing them choose which you’d be most interested in:

Vote in the poll or leave a comment and we’ll see which post or posts I’ll be picking back up in regular scheduling!

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