I Am Calling Shenanigans, Scarlet Caps!

We here at the Chronicles don’t have a problem with Club Scarlet, the Caps female focused fan group, maybe it’s not our cup of tea but the good intentions are there and I’m sure a lot of female fans really like being connected to other female Caps fans.

So when a person on Twitter pointed out the Club Scarlet “Jersey Off our Backs” contest for the club I decided to put in an entry because why the hell not? Free stuff is free stuff. I wasn’t invested in winning I wrote a couple of paragraphs in between doing some stuff that afternoon; it was FAR from my best work. I didn’t expect to win at all; my story is FAR from interesting. So all in all I just more interested in seeing what sort of entry WOULD win.

The contest announced it’s winner yesterday but I didn’t get to see who it was or read the entry until this morning. Scarlet Caps I can honestly say I’ve never been so disgusted with a part of the Caps organization like this. I have no problem with the winners story but I know there was defiantly some better choices out there. I expect some heart breakingly inspirational story to win not a story of women who is a Blackhawks fan and just married a Caps fan.

I’m sorry, perhaps I must have missed the purpose of this little exercise. Here’s my entry, like I said not my greatest work so it’s not exactly a winner or anything but I think it give you the idea of what I thought the point of the contest instructions were:

I became a Caps fan when I was 13; which is slightly horrifying because it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago. It was my father who brought me to my first Caps game after getting the tickets off-handedly from work. I was a hockey fan since I was just a kid but I had been more interested in the WCHA following the UW Badgers who were the closet hockey team to where I lived before I moved down here, so I had very little expectation of being interested in the Capitals. 
I watched one game at the Verizon Center and I didn’t care that they were rather bad at the time, which they very much were, or that you’d never even know there was a pro hockey team in DC from the way the general public acted, I totally loved them. It was no question really, there was no chose in the process, I very much just liked them immediately. They may have been struggling but there was a quality of heart in the team that was just absolutely enduring. 
Over a period of a few months, the ones remaining in that season, I struggled and strove to learn the names, numbers, stats, and history of the Caps team. The next two seasons my father and I made the one hour drive to see the Cap games at least twice a month (though after that we lost our season tickets so the trips to games were more rare; I contented myself with being an arm-chair cheerer). That lead to going to practices, development camps, and rookie camps often with my dad or sometimes dragging a friend along; I converted a few friends this way. In fact one friend and I started our own Capitals-centric blog about a year ago.
The Caps have always been the best team in the league in my eyes but now their quality of skill has caught up with their quality of heart; what more could any fan ask for?

I’m in no way saying THAT should have won. It defiantly probably shouldn’t have but I feel the winner that did shouldn’t have either. That entry was about a women who felt SHAME for her hockey fandom, which I have no problem with a lot of women go through the same thing. However the winner should have been about someone with PASSION for hockey that could not quit.

In fact here’s some other peoples entries; Ravings of a Rink Rebel  and  Hockey Night in Baltimore.

So what do you think?


Scarlet Caps updated their winning post with the ENTIRE entry after the lady who won made a comment in the comment section. 1. SHAME on them for taking out the CORE part of the entry that actually FIT the contest, 2.  I’m still not crazy about this having been the best possible entry to win.

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