It’s Not Vacation Time Yet

That game started out sloooow. Nicki scored one in the first which was awesome but as Locker and Joe said they were playing like a high qualithy men’s league.

 And, for a while in the second the Caps were playing how much can we fail in one 20 minutes span? The Thrashers scored two unassisted goals, one of those B-mo kicking in to our goal on us. Then as the second began to close…

The Caps went out. of. their. minds. Ovie scored, AND AGAIN! Ovie has his fifty goal on the same goal as Nicki has his 100th point. They’re going to have to to split the puck. Chimera scored!

And, Nicki SCORED AGAIN! 101 points!


Jeff Schultz!

I can’t help it! He  had  a +4 night! Via Japers Rink Twitter: Schultz is now at plus-48. No one has finished a season higher since 2002-03 (Hejduk, Forsberg +52).

Overall all the kids are alright.

(Oh and UW Badger Blake Geoffrion received the Hobey Baker award today. WHOOOO!)

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