Weird and Wacky Search Terms: Uh-Oh I Feel a Case of the Excitements Coming On!

Mike Green gold medalist

…giggle giggle… I mean… NO I do mean “giggle giggle”.

Witch team is Ovechkin in 2010

I KNEW that talent couldn’t be natural!

Alexander Semin childhood

Creepers! (said the lady with the picture… h/t

Matthew Bradley child actor


Brooks Laich cougar

I may have to revoke his nickname! Recent events have led me to know that NO ONE gets even the most mild-mannered middle-aged lady drooling like Jose Theodore…

There goes the shutout

Often muttered by the fans of whatever team is playing the Caps.

Karl Alzner

Ehehehe it’s time for Calder Cup playoffs “insane murderous lumberjack” beard Alzner.

Neuvirth puppy

I don’t know what you mean, mystery searcher. Does he have a puppy? I don’t know. Does he like puppies? I don’t know not everyone likes puppies… it’s probably safe to assume he wouldn’t kick one.

Semin falling down

I can’t top that! So that is it for another addition of “Weird and Wacky Search Terms”.


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