Grab Bag of Links: It’s Like When Scooby Doo Meet the Harlem Globetrotters

Some news and notes from around the blog-o-sphere:

Rock the Red breaks down Caps bloggers superstitions including yours truly.

Still on RTR help raise money for charity and win stuff all the while improving your appearance boys!

Japers Rink breaks down the Canadiens/Captials match up.

Awesome story of how Montreal has had a suprising impact on hockey in DC since the ’40s.

Peerless talks about the supposed tension between new fans and old fans.

Caps Girl discuss the season in retrospect with pictures.

More warm-up pictures from Bruins at Capitals on sunday are up on our Flickr.


Capitals 2010 play-off media guide is out in PDF.

Monrteal reporter talks to DC Sports Bog about Montreal’s love affair with Ovechkin.

French-English online dictionary for you know purely NOT smack talking uses... tehehehe…

Lastly if you follow my personal Twitter you are aware of my prodigiously bad Photoshop skills. While messing around on Photoshop I made a cartoon Ovie with his infamous nachos which I shared with the Twitter world. Well to my utter surprise Russian Machine Never Break contacted me about letting them use it for a shirt. I gave them the thumbs up and sat back to see what it ended up like. Well here it is:

Available in both black and white. Buy one for you, your friend, your dog, your mother!  Or at least tell us what you think. (I LOVE it by the way)


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