Weagle Scout Playoff Edition ’10: Washington at Montreal Game 3 Series 1

And you all were worried! The Caps came out in the first period and tore it up. It was very intense and most importantly the Caps played THEIR game though it was still could go any ones way. We end this period goose eggs 0-0.

But, what turned the tide for the Caps to REALLY play well was a short handed goal by Boyd Gordon, I don’t think he’ll be scratched again. Then Brooks Laich scored. Then Eric Fehr! Jaroslav Halak (who I love from the Olympics) was pulled and Carey Price came in for Montreal. Then Ovehckin scored! Which lead to an awkward Man-Love fueled celebration between Nicklas and him. The Habs took a lot of penalties and were clearly frustrated. 2nd period ends 4-0 Caps.

We came out for the third feeling good. Then Plekanec scored. This was a pivotal moment if the Caps let them score again too soon after that they could start a blazing comeback. 4-1 where have we seen that before? However they keep the Habs off. THEN MOTHER LOVING MATT BRADLEY SCORED! Yes it is indeed now playoff time, Matt. We end this game 5-1 Caps.

But with all this awesomesauceness who is our Weagle Scout of the Game?


The man had an amazing game what can I say? Goal, assists, in general AWESOMEness.

Some Jr. Weagle Scouts? Boyd Gordon is having the (two he played) playoffs games of this life and Jason Chimera; what a little smart pest!

Game on for Wednsday, still have a bit to be working (power play scoring please?) and still in Montreal. This series is now 2-1 Caps.


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