Round One of the NHL Playoffs

Playoffs is the busiest time of the year for the Chronicles. Our days are school/Caps (or whatever hockey is on)/eat/more work. Sleep? No time for that nonsense. And, the blog has been all Caps. So let’s take this opportunity to see what’s going on in the other series now that round one is beginning to come to a close.  


Flyers vs. Devils

(Credit to

Flyers win the series 5-1

Wow I don’t think anyone expected the Flyers to knock out the Devils in round one. And, Devils only won one of their games. The Flyers will be the team the winner of Caps/Montreal faces.

You can find anything you’d ever want to know about this series on’s Flyers/Devils matchup section.

Buffalo vs Boston

Bruins have the series lead 3-1

Another ummm… what? The Bruins weren’t into the playoffs in to the second to last game and the Sabres have Ryan Miller in goal. Game 5 is tonight at 7 it’s do or die for Olympic American hero Ryan Miller and his Sabres.

More information on this series at 

Senators vs Penguins

Penguins lead the series 3-2

This series isn’t going to end easy. The Senators have well exceeded expectations and I stayed up to watch all three OTs the games went into last night  (longest game in Senators history by the way). No matter how this ends, and at this point I’m not entirely sure where this series is going, the Senators have a lot to be proud of. Game six for this series is tomorrow night at seven.

All you want to know about this series on


Sharks vs Avalanche

Sharks lead the series 3-2

I admit this is the series I’ve probably payed the least attention to so I don’t have to much to say opinion wise besides that it looks like San Jose has broken out of that “playoff chokers” stereotype they have with a 5-0 win last night. Pavelski is from what I heard playing just absolutely out of his mind this series.

For everything you need to know about the Colorado/San Jose series.

Canucks vs Kings

Series is tied 2-2

I take back what I said THIS is the series I’ve unfortunately had not enough time for. I thought this match up would be pretty even and it appears to be so. Game 5 is tonight at 10 pm (on the East Coast).

More on this series.

Coyotes vs Red Wings

Series tied 2-2

This is a very exciting series. For reasons illogical to me quite a few people wrote of Phoenix before the series started. These games are fun to watch and I admit I’m on the Phoenix bandwagon at the moment, they’re a feel good story what can I say? I’m a sucker for a team of sleep walking, ice cream eating, goof balls. Game 5 tonight at 10 pm (East Coast time)

All you need to know about this series.

Blackhawks vs Predators

Series tied 2-2

This is the most surprising series of the West and maybe of the playoffs. I don’t think even Preds fans expected them to do so well. However the Blackhawks started to look like themselves again last night with a 3-0 win last night (or so I heard Versus did not show the game due to the Pens and Sens game) Game 5 is tomorrow night at 3 pm.

All you need to know.

That is your NHL playoffs round one so far wrap up. Later today you, me, AHL playoffs round one wrap up; let’s do this.


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