Weagle Scout Playoff Edition ’10: Montreal at Washington Game 5 Series 1

The first period… well that was… not awesome let’s say. Not awful but the Habs scoring only a minute and a half in on a Michael Cammalleri goal was a killer to the buzz. The Caps played fairly well though they could not convert on their 3 power play opportunities and defense was lacking.  Semin had a fantastic poke check and brought up hopes his lackluster play was coming to an end. Interestingly Belanger got clipped up high (on a non-call) and pulled his own tooth out on the bench. Hard core, Eric. Travis Moen scored to really kill the buzz. The first period ended 2-0 Habs.

The 2nd period went much the same as the first. Not bad but not good. Ovie and Knuble connected once again for the only goal of the period which was credited Ovechkin. The refs seemed to be helping the Habs out a little with quite a few non calls NOT that I would know because CSN and all my lower channels went out for a good portion of the middle of the period, thanks Comcast, perfect timing. The 2nd period ended 2-1 Habs.

The song stays the same for the third period. Not good, not bad. The Caps were in the Habs end half the period and yet they couldn’t produce. In the end a stupid play by Varly at the last minute of the period made the Caps go on the penalty. The Caps managed to get THIS close to tying it up in the dying milliseconds but no cigar. The game ends 2-1 Habs.

So who is the Weagle Scout of the Game?

Jaroslav Halak

Okay before you go biting off any heads, I’m particularly attached to mine, let me explain myself. Seeing as none of the  Caps played particularly WELL I couldn’t choose a Weagle Scout but nor did any of the Caps play particularly BAD so I couldn’t go picking any Turkey Scouts of the game. So I just went with the best player overall. Hence, Le Scout Weagle du jeu… If he was playing against any other team I’d love him.

That game was very “eh” not bad but defiantly not good. So we head to Montreal on Monday for game 6. This series is now 3-2 Caps advantage.

Oh and we can have scoring on the power play please?

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One response to “Weagle Scout Playoff Edition ’10: Montreal at Washington Game 5 Series 1

  1. CapsFan1975

    Scoring on a Power Play, what a novel concept for the Caps.

    I move for using John Carlson on the point on PP.

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