10, er 8, Things: My Mom’s 8 Most Disturbingly Hilarious Hockey-Related Thoughts

As I have mentioned time and time again, I was not raised in a hockey family, and at times, this causes some hilarious, odd, and sometimes downright disturbing situations with my mother:

08. *Watching the Caps game* “Hey, the Caps’ coach looks just like [Nikita] Khrushchev!”

07. “[Nicklas Backstrom] looks like a fairly attractive woman!”

06. *Looks at the cover of NHL 2K10* “It’s the ‘Toothless Wonder’!”

05. *Flipping through the Caps yearbook, landing on Poti’s page*
          Me: “I hate him”
          Mom: “Be nice! His last name is “potty”!”

04. Me: “I wish we [the Capitals] could get Toews…”

03. “[Jose Theodore] is one of the most attractive men I’ve ever seen!”

02. Mom: “Is Crosby the one who lives with his owner?”
        Me: “Yeah, I find it really creepy.”
        Mom: “Maybe they’re together.”
        Me: “Meghan and I say that all the time! Too bad he’s married with a kajillion kids.”
        Mom: “I doubt that’d stop them.”

01. “You didn’t touch them, did you?!” – in reference to the time Meghan and I were in an elevator with Eakin, Carlson, and Holtby


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2 responses to “10, er 8, Things: My Mom’s 8 Most Disturbingly Hilarious Hockey-Related Thoughts

  1. Sarah

    Hah! This is gold. My mom has similar random thoughts. She’s a big sports fan, but not overly into hockey and hates soccer (which I love and watch all the time) so she always has little comments to say about the players or announcers that have nothing to do with the actual sport.

  2. My mom usually says something like:
    ,,Hockey is stupid and you will get stupid too!” (watching players fight)
    ,,OMG, Elias is so dumb!” (after he again missed the net at the Olympics)

    and the number 4 is my personal winner

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