Weagle Scout Playoff Edition: Washington at Montreal Game 6 Series 1

The first period was… frustrating for Caps fans to watch. There is unfortunately not much good to say for the Caps, in fact there isn’t much to say at all in general; Michael Cammalleri scored twice. Poti was clearly screening Varlamov on one, the other was a shot off point after a faceoff. The first period ends 2-0 Habs

The 2nd period was as frustrating as the first. However the most mythical of hockey penalties, a diving call was called on some one who actually dived! That was at least a little heart warming, Maxim Lapierre received the penalty after a truly comical dive. No one scored in the second period. The second period ends 2-0 Habs still.

Third period… oh forget it what is there to say? It was the Halak show. Fehric scored (and he has had a fantastic series for what it’s worth) however Maxim Lapierre scored and also Tomas Plekanec scored on an empty netter. 4-1 is you final score.

Weagle Scout of the Game

No One

No one was very impressive so um… hey how about them Hershey Bears?

Game 7 is one Wednsday in DC. Series is now 3-3.


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