It Is a Week Later and We Are…

It has been a week and a day exactly.

It feels like it has been a life time. Or at last a couple of weeks more than just a week and a day.

This year I feel like a citizen without a country. Sort of like the movie about the man who had to live in the airport. I want to get into the playoff but Capitals-stan has self imploded and know I’m sitting in the lobby of hockey fandom wondering why I’m not more interested in the race for the Stanley Cup.

I feel guilty as a hockey fan when people ask me if I watched such and such game last night and did I see such and such play and I reply about having not watched much past the first five minutes. I have teams I want to win in each series but I don’t find interest in actually watching their games.

I was a hockey fan before I was a Capitals fan so this is an odd sensation for me. I usually will watch any team, any time of the day or night, any league, god is there just some hockey on?! But, the Caps have left me with a listless taste in my mouth for hockey.

In the rooting department the Bruins managed to catch my interest this post season. Last year it was the Blackhawks, this year it is the Bruins. The Bruins have a lot of players I like individually and being from Boston I suppose that was only a matter of time. So I suppose it’s let’s go Bruins from here to whenever:

Oh dear, they really are sort of precious in a they are not my Capitals sort of way.

And of course I haven’t forgotten: go Hershey Bears!

(Big props to @takingnames for finding this where ever she did find this.) Neuvirth didn’t your mother ever tell you not to go poke strange animals?


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5 responses to “It Is a Week Later and We Are…

  1. Here in the Czech Republic we’re born to poke strange animals, so don’t by angry at Neuvy, it’s not his fault!

    I had the same feeling after Sens were eliminated… But I give all my energy to our national team now, so give me some hockey!

  2. thehockeychronicles

    Haha I didn’t realize Czechs were master strange animal pokers xD -M

  3. CapsFan1975

    In my case, I’m pulling for the Sharks since I feel kinship with their fan base. The weight of high expectations and post-season disappointment.

    That being said, I’d rather see the Bruins be the team to come out of the East. It would be fitting for Savard & Company to avenge a certain hit.

  4. Angela

    OMG, the Chara and Rask images are hilarious. That’s one of my favourite internet memes.
    Did you make those yourself or find those on the internet?

    • thehockeychronicles

      As much as I’d like to claim the rights to that hilarousness I found them on the internet 😛 -Meghan

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