Better Know a Prospect: Zach Miskovic

“Better Know a Prospect” will be a offseason/post season/summer series of posts profiling both the better known and lesser known Caps prospects in the various levels of the Capitals system.

(This picture will make sense in a moment trust me)

Name: Zach Miskovic

Born: May, 5 1985  (from River Forest, Illinois)

Height/Weight: 6’1″ and 185 lbs

Position: Defense

Shoots: Right

Current Team: Hershey Bears

acquired: Free agent, 2009

Strength/Weakness: Two-Way defenseman

  • Played four years at St. Lawrence University
  • Wears #25 for the Hershey Bears
  • “He’s like the Bob Vila on the team”
  •  First SLU defenseman to register at least 10 goals in a season since former All-American Brian McColgan tallied 17 goals in 1987-88
  • Was double major in fine arts and mathematics
  • Should probably avoid fighting or at least an awful lot
  • Helped organize the first ever teddy bear toss at SLU for Canton-Potsdam Hospital and the St. Lawrence Renewal House. (See that picture makes sense now, yes?)
  • For the stat heads:


  • Didn’t miss a single hockey game his entire college hockey career
  • Scored first pro goal 11/07/2009
  • Grew up a Blackhawks fan




Zach Miskovic is a two-way defender, with offensive tendencies. He is well known for his hard work ethic. He is an intelligent skater with an accurate shot. He tallied 6 goals in the regular season for the Hershey Bears and one goal in the post season so far. He finished the regular season also with 20 assists and a +/- rating of 18. While on his USHL team the Cedar Rapids Roughriders won the Clark Cup (playoff champion) and Anderson Cup (regular-season champion) in 04/05. He is rated by Hockey’s Future as a 6.5 meaning he can play on the top 2 defense pairing but probably not full time and is pretty defensively sound play. He is considered the 19th most valuable Caps prospect. Miskovic could be either a fairly valuable NHL defense men or a very valuable career AHL player depending on how his development pans out.



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2 responses to “Better Know a Prospect: Zach Miskovic

  1. CapsFan1975

    Ahh, the prospect who I call “Mouse”. His last name is similar to the Russian last name “Mishkin” is actually based on the Russian word for “mouse” which is “mish”.

    He’s like my old college roommate, a math major who also was interested in fine arts and had also considered majoring in both art and music.

    I was also a math major but have no talent in fine arts.

  2. You know how much I love you both for doing these two better known prospects?! Just in case you don’t, the answer is lots. My boyfriends!

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