Better Know a Prospect: Andrew Gordon

“Better Know a Prospect” will be a offseason/post season/summer series of posts profiling both the better known and lesser known Caps prospects in the various levels of the Capitals system.

Name: Andrew Gordon

Born: 12/13/1985 (in Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Height/Weight: 5’11” and 180 lbs

Position: Right Wing

Shoots: Right

Current Team: Hershey Bears

Drafted: 2004 (7th round, 197th overall)

Strength/Weakness: Energy


Andrew Gordon is a purely offensive  men with good speed and hockey sense. Gordon is particularly strong on the wrist shot and had 37 goals and 34 assists for the Hershey Bears this regular season. He also had a +/- of 22. Hockey’s Future considers him our 7th most valuable Caps prospect. They also consider him a 6.5 prospect rating meaning in the NHL he’d make a good 3rd liner. Overall Gordon is a favorite on the Bears and could potentially make a good NHLer but will probably continue for the time being to be an amazing AHL player. He is well-known for his energy and unshakably excellent attitude



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3 responses to “Better Know a Prospect: Andrew Gordon

  1. Andrew Gordon is absolutely the most fun Bear out there. He always has a huge grin on his face!

  2. “He is well-known for his energy and unshakably excellent attitude.” That is absolutely true. I went up to Hershey for their meet and greet night back in March, which happened to occur on the ice after the game. There was an elderly woman who wanted a picture with Mr. Gordon who couldn’t make it onto the ice. So what did he do? He climbed up into the bleachers like a monkey (suit and all) and had a picture taken with her and climbed back down. Granted she could have been his grandmother, but that shows “excellent attitude!” Also, they lost that game which put an end to their 24 home game winning streak…

  3. Sarah

    We can’t hold growing up near Sid against him…he did call him a diver, after all!

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