Mystery Annoucement Announced

This is Marcus “Jojo” Johansson:

We at the Chronicles sort of latched on to him at the draft. We thought he would work out.

This is Nicklas “Fudgeball” “Mayor of Awesome town”  Backstrom:

We all know him. We all love him. Everyone. I’ve never heard someone say “That Backstrom kid what a bum!”

We signed/resigned both of them today. Our excitement can only be described in the face of one man:


Nicklas was signed for ten years! TEN YEARS! 2020 he’ll be with us (in theory). I’ll be thirty before he leaves the Caps (in theory). 6.7 million a year and worth every dollar. A steal, that what he is, a steal. I guess that Fudgeball t-shirt will be a good idea after all.

Marcus Johansson signed a three-year entry deal at $900,000 a year. He will wear #90 for the Caps and is expected to be trying for a roster spot right away. We’re really excited for him. I’m waiting with fingers poised and cash already being saved for my shirsey or jersey of his.

If you’re anything less than completely happy about these deals well I guess your probably a fan of another team. Jealous?


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One response to “Mystery Annoucement Announced

  1. mcawful

    Uhhhh… overlooking the tapering… is anybody else FREAKED THE FUCK OUT on closer examination of Backy’s sweatpants?!

    I’m totally pumped about Johansson. And this is really great recognition for baby Fudgeball. He so deserves it.

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