Happy Belated Birthday

So who are idiots that forgot their own birthday? Us. It was our blog birthday and we clean forgot! Back on the 19th the Hockey Chronicles was a year old. That’s right we’ve been babbling a whole year! We’ve come a long way from that very first post. Big thanks to fellow bloggers like Rock the Red, Japers Rink, RMNB, The Hockey Junkies, HIMBF, Punch in the Face, and so many others who have been linking and encouraging people to read us over our first 365 days. Here are some of the more interesting highlights of said year;

We were considered a top one hundred best blog about Chicago (we are still really confused about that one)

We were the first blog to break the news of Greenlife52.com

I, Meghan, made the drawing that RMNB used to make a T-shirt

We’ve finally gotten more “followers” than “following” on Twitter

We’ve had 342 posts and  255 comments

Our most popular search term is “The Staal Brothers” (Come on now, people)

I (with an amused/horrified Anna with me) tried to start a fight with Braden Hotlby

And, in got sassed at by Mike Commodore

And, a whole lot more. We’ve gotten into quite a few shenanigans in the past year and here is to another year more… Happy Birthday to us!



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3 responses to “Happy Belated Birthday

  1. Two words. CapsCon. Shenanigans.

    This will happen.

    • thehockeychronicles

      Haha oh we had some shenanigans at Caps Con last year but they weren’t overly shenanigan-y but enough so that we can’t talk about them 😉

  2. Congratulations from Sweden!

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