Winter Classic 2011 and Beyond

The NHL announced officially that it is Pens vs Caps at Heinz Field for the Winter Classic. But, that cat was out of the bag a while ago. And, after the annoyance about the Pens being in a second Winter Classic already (this is about the money and the casual fan, silly goose, what is to be expected?) and my personal complaining to myself about what a pain in the ass it is to try to get tickets to this thing (You think it’s as easy as getting tickets to any ol’ regular season game you are out of your mind) had passed we focused on a second announcement that was declared;

DC is to host a Winter Classic of its own in the next 2 or 3 years.

Woot and all that jazz. I’m pretty excited about the idea of an outdoor game in DC. It will either be amazing game or a horrific weather disaster. Well we can already start to guess who the Caps potential opponent will be and where it will be hosted (Of course it will probably be in the new Nats stadium; it is really too bad we couldn’t have it in gorgeous Camden Yards but that is Baltimore, sillies.)


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  1. I got my tickets ready.Expect sold out tickets before the main event will come.It’s one historical event not to missed out.Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals fans were surely excited.

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