Alex Ovechkin: Country Music Star

In a summer already filled with scandal after an uncouth Canadian Yahoo! answers user broke us the news that not only were Alex Semin and Alex Ovechkin  brothers but so were Patrick Sharp and Patrick Kane I wondered if there could be anything else of interest to happen after such amazing news.

But yesterday two Twitter followers and hockey fans (@CanadaYotesFan and Amy of I follow broke some extremely mind-blowing news;  Alex Ovechkin most out spoken opposer to said music genre is a country music star and guitarist for Lady Antebellum:

(picture taken by @CanadaYotesFan at said concert)

I know I was stunned too. Pick your jaw up off the floor, and dust it off if your floor is as dirty as our. I suppose we should have seen this coming; when you hang out with a man who has a mullet all the time it’s only a matter of time before you pick up the banjo.

To find out who this amazing supposed doppelgänger is I contacted the blogs resident Pittsburgh Penguins and country music expert and got on the case. Of course after a good few minutes of razing about how she likes a band with a guitarist that could be Ovie’s brother (but, that is Semin what am I talking about) then I got on the case.

His name is Dave Haywood… or is it?

(that is all Anna’s wonderful photoshop fault; you can thank her.)


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