NHL Awards 2010

The NHL Awards are probably the Chronicles bloggers least favorite of the NHL shindigs every year. However of course we watched, in the sense we sat in front of the TV and talked while it was on. If anything it is a good excuse to get friends together, eat a lot of food and talk hockey in late June.

So after figuring out who the host was (“He’s on that show but before he was on that other show with the lady with the face… The lady with the face and she talks to dead people!” “OH! THAT GUY!”) and comparing Snoop Dogg to the lady who sang last year who we had no idea who she was the awards were presented.

Ovechkin won the brand new “Ted Linsey” award meaning his peers consider him MVP.

However Ovechkin did not win the Hart trophy, however Henrik Sedin did a worthy candidate so I can hardly complain.


Jose won the Masterston Trophy for showing all the qualites ice hockey holds dear both on and off the ice. Jose’s speech had us all “awwww”-ing and from what I heard quite a few people crying. Jose really deserved it and though he won’t be back next year we wish all the best, really.

Mike Green won worst hair cut, I mean did not win the Norris. That honor went to the extremely worth Duncan Keith. Unlike last year I am not furious he did not win. Last year by stats he technically deserved the honor. Duncan Keith and Drew Dougherty were both very worth opponents and the best man won.

The rest of the awards show went by swiftly; besides making fun of Stamkos’ ugly silver suit and my complaining about how no one can buy proper fitting suit pants anymore:

  • We wondered if Tyler Myers (deserving winner of the Calder Memorial trophy) forgot his comb at home.
  • Anna confused the “Goo Goo Dolls” and Bon Jovi.
  • “He’s just so cute!” said the Pens fan we invited regarding Crosby “His face looks like vomit” I muttered “Did you say his face looks like vomit?” Anna asked laughing at my very poor retort.
  • Laughing much much too hard at Ryan Miller’s lopsided skull (so much even *I* felt badly afterward)
  • And lastly, we wondered who the hell decided to start the “best plays of the year” montage, being presented by Toews and other Blackhawks, with the crushing hit Toews recieved early this year by Mitchell

There was little else to note about the actual awards show.

However before the Awards Ovechkin and JR hosted a party. Pictures and words here: http://dailyfiasco.com/2010/06/23/lavo-gets-down-with-the-ice/?utm_source=WeLoveRenters.com&utm_medium=twitter

“Better Living Through Bradley” wrote a great read about some of the nice things hockey players are doing in the world inspired by Jose’s win of the Masterton: http://betterlivingthrubradley.blogspot.com/2010/06/maybe-only-serious-post-i-make-here.html

Russian Machine Never Break has a more detailed write up, though if they ever mention “Crosby” and “Freddy Mercury” in the same sentance ever again I won’t link to them on this blog anymore (only, sort of, kidding:) http://www.russianmachineneverbreaks.com/2010/06/23/updates-from-the-nhl-awards-in-vegas/#more-5322


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