We Trust in the Wink

It is Free Agent day and the Chronicles woke up knowing that while there were to be no MAJOR moves in the Caps organization they expected there to be SOME sort of movement.

So we settled into see what might happen. High noon rolled around. Things started out very well as several promising players hit the market. I nearly peed myself when Zbynek Michalek hit the market, the Coyotes not planning to sign him. THAT IS THE D-MAN WE NEED! your Chronicles bloggers thought.

He was signed by the Pens…

Well that was alright we’d get over it. Former Badger and Captain of World Jr. Team USA Derek Stepan signed with the Rangers, the team that drafted him. Things were beginning to heat up.

Dan Ellis hit the market. While maybe not a “must buy” Dan might be the kind of goalie we need to play a Bacashihua-like role to Varly (or Neuvy) playing when the young guns needed a rest from goal. However he signed with the Lightning.

No loss, no loss at all.

Adam Burish of the Blackhawks and 2006 Champion Badgers reportedly hit the market. Oh boy I’d love that but we don’t need anymore wingers.

Then Twitter, our source for all things ever, flooded with signings and players hitting the market and I lost track besides the Pens signing yet another defenseman the Caps could have used.

And, Caps fans waited… and waited… and waited… and nothing happened.

And, soon Twitter quieted down and Caps fans nerves began to run on high. We at the Chronicles were not worried tough perhaps we expected maybe a little something. Just a teensy little something. Even a “hey we’re just sort of chillin’, seeing what is going on before jumping in” from a person in the Caps front office.

However I trust George McPhee, the man with the master plan. So I’m sure though perhaps some great D-man who we actually could have signed; do not forget Volchenkov would probably want too much money for our salary cap so don’t dwell on him.

I know everyone is a little stressed out and emo after their less than spectacular playoff performance but it is only the first day of free agency and you never know what might happen.Chill out and here have pictures of cats with improper grammer.

Here is the NHL offical list of avaliable UFAs and ones that have been signed.

Ohhh and a merry Canada Day to ye, readers from the north.

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