BREAKING NEWS: Cash signs with Avs


(picture thanks to RMNB )

VIA Mile High Hockey (and H/T to @pinpaulaback ) Hershey Bears’ goalie Jason Bacashihua aka Cash has signed with the Colorado Avalanche.

Cash was only on the Bears for a year but he quietly had a succesful season for them. Of 22 games played he won 17 only losing 3 in regulations and 2 in shout out or over time. Cash was also a quick fan favorite (as illustrated by this hard-core fan tattoo.) It is understandable why he would want to sign else where with the current goaltending situation in Hershey; he is looking for play time and by stats he clearly deserves it. Cash had the some might say the misfortune of signing with a great team with some very good young goalies, which doesn’t mean he was a bad goalie just a goalie in a organization with a lot of depth and very good GMs. We wish him a lot of luck with Colorado.

 He is expected to play in Lake Erie when he goes to the Avs (where he played the 08-09 season.)

You were here briefly but we’ll miss you #35.


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