Meet the New Guy: Brian Willsie


HEY! He’s not new! We know him! He’s a former Cap and Hershey Bear (but when they were not affiliated with the Caps, if you don’t recognize the name.) He spent the past fours years between the Kings and the Avalanche (and the AHL) and now the Caps have brought back the veteran winger for a one year, two-way contract.

He’s had a career high 2005–06 season with the Caps and then he left with the Kings for the 06-07 season and I hadn’t heard much of him after.  He had some tough years, either injured or just with low producing.

I must admit I’m excited to see Willsie back in a Bear jersey and potential in a Caps jersey. And, I hope he kind of finds that 05-06 magic again. 

Willsie is 6’1″, age 32, 202 lbs and from London, Ontario. Official press release from the Caps. Career stats according to Wikipedia:


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  1. I thought I heard in a video somewhere that Willsie was Ovie’s roommate when he first came to town and he helped him with English.

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