A Few Bears Players Recieve Well Earned NHL Contracts

(source: Washington Post)

 Today the Caps signed Beagle, A. Gordon, Patrick McNeill, Joudrey, and Miskovic what  appear to be all two-way contracts. 

Patrick McNeill though often over shadowed by the wonder twins of Carlson and Alzner is quite easily a potentially full-time NHL-caliber defense men. The 6 foot, twenty-three year old from Ontario will be a good call up option for this upcoming season.

Beagle and A. Gordon are already well-known to Caps fans. They both had call up last season in which they impressed the the coaches and fans a-like.

Hershey Bears fans know how hard-working Joudrey is and how deserving he is of an NHL contract finally.

You might notice Bourque is not listed, he did not sign his contact and reportedly informed the Caps that his intention is to play in the KHL. The Caps have maintained they still own his NHL rights. I think most Bears and/or Caps fans will be split down the middle on whether they regret his leaving or not.

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One response to “A Few Bears Players Recieve Well Earned NHL Contracts

  1. Yay Gordon, I can still LOL because of him, great! 😀

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