Flash, King and Good Bye to Della Rovere

On Tuesday the Capitals signed Tomas Fleischmann, avoiding arbitration which was scheduled for today. The deal was for 1 year, 2.6 million. This is defiantly below what Flash would have been awarded in arbitration. And 2.6 for a 2o+ goal scorer isn’t bad either. Flash has a year to show if he can be consistent or not.


Today the Capitals traded prospect Stefan Della Rovere to the St. Louis Blues for DJ King. DJ is a 26-year-old, 6ft 3, 230 lb, winger from  Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. King has been playing in the NHL since 2006 however several injuries has kept him from playing long-term besides the 07-08 season in which he scored 3 goals in 61 games. King is known mostly for being a bruiser. VIA Twitter

 @TarikElBashir: When told about Talbot’s comments [about Ovechkin], King said, “Wow. I guess that’s not going to be happening too much longer, I guess.

Delightful. I like him already.

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