Ni(c)klas Backstrom: You Thought You Could Fool Us

In a summer where we we’re rocked with the scandal of finding out Alexander Ovechkin and Alexander Semin were brothers (on the logic Patrick Kane and Patrick Sharp were brothers) we’ve now discovered one more Matrix-like mind bending truth.

Niklas Backstrom and Nicklas Backstrom are the same person…

Yes, indeed according to this, umm shall we say “lovely”, site Niklas Backstrom, Minnesota Wild goalie (and apparently one of the best dressed players in the NHL,) and Nicklas Backstrom, Washington Capitals angelic center are one in the same.

How did I not realize it before? Niklas Backstrom brunette, Finnish, square jawed, 32 years old, and goalie thin. Nicklas Backstrom blonde, baby faced 22 year old, round face of a cherub, Swedish. They look exactly the same! How could have I been so duped?

The only question is which Nicklas/Niklas is the real one? If it is Nicklas surely there is no devious plot to his playing two teams, look at that fun loving face, no evil could come from that man. But if it is Niklas… well surely a man who looks so at home in formal wear must only be so because he is an evil villain.

Either way our minds are quite blown.


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