The Ugly Jersey Isn’t my Real Problem with You NHL Shop…

Far be it for me to comment on fashion. I couldn’t tell you the difference between something “boot cut” or “box pleated”. To even more discount my fashion sense I’m color blind, I couldn’t tell you if something was orange or red because it looks the same to me. 

However I can tell you the difference in between quality and cheap clothing. Case in point:

In the words of @hockeymomva

  hey #nhl – what’s with the tacky rhinestone female jerseys? We going to a hockey game or a Dolly Parton concert?

Making these jersey are not my problem. Part of the problems is the marketing; I don’t want to “glamorize” my hockey gear or be “flirty” at hockey games. Surprisingly some ladies go their entire day without trying to hook themselves a husband. SHOCKING, I know. I mean next thing we know women will be holding jobs of their own and living by themselves! So thanks NHL for being Mrs. Bennet for me, but I’ve got a mother to nag me about finding a man-friend, so I don’t need you trying to set me up while I watch hockey.

I’m not going to hate on any women who finds this attractive or I see wearing this jersey. It’s not my taste but a lot of popular stuff isn’t my taste. And, we female fans have got to stick together no matter what “kind” of fan we are.

My biggest problem is you continue pump out this wear and ignore improving the “regular” merchandise. I know most women would greatly enjoy you improving the fit and quality of women’s style “normal” jerseys. Would it kill anyone to offer home, away, AND third jerseys in women’s cut?

However my favorite example of this crappy “regular” gear are the “shirseys”; the shirt with the teams logo on front and a player’s name and number on the back. People of both sexes love these because they can show support for as many players as they like and not have to buy jerseys. However the women’s “shirseys” have the logo and name/number extremely small on them. And, I’m not talking in comparison to men’s shirts, I’m talking in comparison to the size of the actual shirt.

The size of the logo makes me uncomfortable like the small size is some sort of device to get people to stare extra closely at my chest. Due to this and the lack of variety (I’ve only ever seen the Caps women’s cut in Green, Ovechkin and Laich) I’ve only bought the men’s cut then went home and tailored it from tent size to casual fit. Is it fair that because I’m a female fan (admittedly a tall and thin one who rarely fits in women’s cut either) I should have to tailor the shirts I’m paying at least twenty dollars for?

NHL please by all means make these sparkle-y, pink or white or black jerseys. Some people like them. Little girls tend to look adorable in them. However I am not only a grown women but a women who is a “jersey addict” and loves to own the beautiful jerseys the players wear on the ice IN MY SIZE so I can wear them in public and not look like a sack of potatoes. I don’t want to look “flirty” or “glamorous” but I DO NOT want to look like a slob who buys ill-fitting clothing.

I’ve been refusing to buy products from NHL shop for about a year now already. I’ve been purchasing from my team’s Pro Shop or online on places like Amazon or small sports retailers which is cheaper (well not in the Pro Shop.) So I will continue to do so, NOT because you make these in my opinion abominations of a jerseys (this is my opinion they could be ‘couture’ for all I know) but because you continually ignore every other women’s product you make.



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14 responses to “The Ugly Jersey Isn’t my Real Problem with You NHL Shop…

  1. Sarah

    I agree with all of this so much. I have the exact same problems with fit. The other major issue I have with the NHL shop is their customization area–you can get t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. customized with a name and number on the back, BUT NOT THE NAME AND NUMBER OF AN ACTUAL PLAYER. What, pray tell, is the point then?

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  3. Betsy

    Thanks for this, totally agree

  4. Jamie

    I agree with you 100% (although I will secretly mock adults who wear these jerseys). I finally bought a child’s sized jersey because the men’s sizes I’ve gotten over the years are so big on me its kind of uncomfortable swimming in them. The main giveaway is the 3/4 length sleeves…

    • thehockeychronicles

      I have done the same thing. I have two kids size jerseys; I kind of push the sleeves up a little like “Oh these are really full length I just have them rolled up because it’s hot! Nothing to see here!”


  5. I agree completely.

    I would actually like that jersey, if it didn’t have rhinestones (tacky!) on the collar.

    However, I draw the line at wearing Weagles on my butt!

    • thehockeychronicles

      I actually think this jerseys would be kind of sharp as one of those zip up “track” jackets (still with out the rhinestones on the collar.)


  6. Julie

    Well said! I was so disappointed when I received my “shirseys” that I sent it right back. I can’t agree more – the number is ridiculously small. With enough posts like yours, maybe someday we’ll have decent options. I can only hope…

  7. Sister Ovechkin

    I totally agree with you and your comments about not wanting to look like you are wearing sloppy clothing! It sucks to have to choose everything in Men’s because if you have bubbies or broad shoulders, there is no way it’s fitting in a “shirshey”! Which by the way sounds like it was created at 4:00 am by marketing freaks! I think I’ll created my own Rock the Red Habit for next season. At least it will be roomy!

  8. I am a very tall woman and unfortunately I have to buy the men’s cut because the “shirsey” is not long enough. However, like you, I am also thin so the jersey swamps me. Very frustrating!

  9. I would actually like that jersey too.
    and secondly i would thank you for this nice article.

  10. That jersey is a big collar and pants away from being an Elvis jump suit. Yikes.

  11. B8ovin

    Rhinestones are my favorite gem, but as a 50+ year old man with a lived in and outwardly expanding body I would never be able to fit that jersey, and I just know it won’t be offered in men’s sizes. I know because my wife tells me that the whole style thing in regards to women’s hockey attire is a big cesspool of discomfort and/or discomfiting fitting, but I’ve never spent much considering it, maybe because I the aforementioned wife looks so good in everything she wears, or maybe because I’m a man and I can find quality fit and normal sized numbers as easily as I can find pro-Crosby opinion in Pittsburgh. Anyway, good luck to you in your quest for the perfect fit. Rock the Red! (whatever that color is to the color blind)

  12. Nicole

    I love the women’s fit Canucks jersey that I got for my birthday last year. It fits me well, but it is not pink nor does it have rhinestones. It looks just like the men’s jersey except it fits me less like a tent. The only problem now is that they only make the women’s jersey in the home jersey, not the away or the third jersey. I would love to own more than one jersey but it is pointless if it is the same one, I want variety! Any idea if they are going to make more of the women’s jerseys?

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