Caps Convention 2010

The Capitals Convention of 2010 dawned on a chilly October morning. The Chronicles’ intrepid bloggers rolled in to the convention center and prepared for a crazy good time.

Well it ended up only being a pretty good time. Capitals Convention 2010 was certainly not as fun as the inaugural convention. I’d give it a solid “B” on a grading scale.

On a personal scale however it was a A million plus because I meet… my favorite Cap… my favorite goalie… and my second favorite NHL player ever…

I basically told Anna that if I didn’t get Olie’s autograph I would DIE and if I did get his autograph I would still DIE but of happy this time. It overlapped into our autograph slot and we were worried we would miss our wristband required one but I HAD HAD HAD to meet Olie and if anyone tried to stop me, I would throw myself upon the floor like a child and refuse to move.

Well it wasn’t that dramatic as Anna agreed to wait with me like the best friend/co-blogger anyone could ever have. I waited like a spaz and Anna commented that I was “fangirling out” and asked if I “was going to embarrassing myself” to which I replied “Please don’t let me say ‘I love you’.” to which she said “Oh god I want to see this. Go in front of me so I can watch.”

I did not say “I love you” you’ll be pleased (or disappointed if you enjoy my embarrassing myself) to hear. In fact I said nothing besides a mumbled “Thank you!” Then scurried away to freak out and run to our autograph session.

I was in the autograph line for

Chimera and Boyd Gordon. Chimera, as speedy in word as his is on foot, seemed to be peppering every fan with questions as he signed what ever they had, He asked me how I was doing as I handed him my item and when I said “Good, how are you?” he replied extremely enthusiastically “REALLY GOOD!” Boyd Gordon was unfortunately the victim of the fact that I had used all my word vomit control on Kolzig, I blurted out as I left “You’re my favorite! I’m really excited!” I apparently turn into a third grader once my word vomit control is all used up.

I only had one panel that was a must see and that was the kids ask the questions panel. It wasn’t quite as hilarious as last year with the dream team of Laich-Steckel-Bradley broken up but it was still pretty funny with Ovie-Bradley-Fehr.

When asked what their favorite TV shows were Bradley admitted that he was watching the “Jersey Shore” and said “They call me ‘the Situation’ you can figure out why.” Ovie while answering the question of what their favorite restaurants are couldn’t remember the name of one and when he did remember after a good minute of thinking cried out “JESUS CHRIST! *insert restaurant name as I didn’t hear as I was cracking up laughing*.” A little girl whose birthday it was asked if Brads and Fehr could sing Happy Birthday in English to them and Ovie to sing it in Russian and they obliged which was fantastic. Ovie also was asked by a little girl to say something in Russian and he did then he said it meant “You’re beautiful”. That received extreme “awww”s.

We also dropped in to see the Olie-Bondra panel but missed most since they moved it earlier than what the schedule said.

The convention this year was certainly fun. Some of it was much improved from last year (the sound system was incredibly improved.)  I meet Olie. That is going to be pretty tough to top next year.


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