We’re Not Quite Hanging Up the Skates (Or I Guess Keyboards)

You might have noticed we haven’t updated the blog in a while. And after a bit of thinking about it your Chronicles bloggers would like to announce as of right now the blog is being put on hiatus.

This isn’t for any reason besides the fact we seriously just don’t have the time for it at this point. One day perhaps we will breath life back into the ol’ blog here; maybe even as soon within in the next year. But as of right now and the general vicinity of right now we won’t be posting.

We’ve had a better run then we ever imagined! This blog got bigger than we ever expected. We reached our goals for this blog and have a lot of great readers and you guys have been great to silly old us. Our fellow bloggers were also never anything but awesome to us which we never expected. Big thank you to the likes of Punch in the Face, Hockey is my Boyfriend (who were basically here from the very beginning,) Japers Rink and Russian Machine. So we don’t really want to completely give up the blog yet.

This isn’t so much “good bye” as a “see you later”.


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