Taking Over Tumblr, One Tumble at a Time

Okay, not really (coughatleastnotyetcough). And I know, you guys are probably wondering “YOU PROMISED TO COME BACK THIS SUMMER, WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?!” Well, I didn’t expect the Caps to just disappear from the playoffs and there’s also been some unexpected…ahem…complications in both your blogger’s lives (cuz we have lives…at times, too). But anyways, this isn’t really a post about much of anything except our…okay, more like my, recent endeavor.

I have started a tumblr called “Why I Love the Caps“, which is exactly what it sounds like! Basically, Meghan and I made a silly list of reasons why we like the Caps and I’ve been putting them through a five-second Photoshop treatment. So, I don’t know if any of you guys used tumblr, but if you do, feel free to give it a follow! I can promise more gems like this:

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