Weird and Wacky Search Terms – The Return!

The Lightning just got eliminated… LET’S CELEBRATE BY BRINGING THIS POST BACK.

funny hockey jersey

There are plenty of funny jerseys out there, but this beauty was featured in Thursday’s Puck Headlines. WHERE CAN I GET ME ONE OF THESE?

awful beard

Like this?

And this?

How about this?

A beard can make or break a face… Sadly, these fellas haven’t quite mastered the power of the beard. (or not so sadly since I can make fun of them time and time again)

backstreet boys nick 2010

I really need to get a job. Who wants to hire an unexperienced almost-19-year-old?

perfect male eyebrows

Those eyebrows are… unnatural

patrick kane in bed

Oh? This wasn’t what you were looking for? Darn.

laich wawota

I’m pretty sure no one “laichs” Wawota (see what I did there?) Just kidding. But according to Meghan (who should never be trusted with Google Earth), “IT’S ALL FIELDS, ANNA. THERE’S FIELDS, A BAR, AND BROOKS LAICH’S SIGN”.

beard facial hair and sex


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